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In this “little church with a big heart“, young people are part of the church family in a very natural way. 

CHILD CARE is provided for the youngest children downstairs during worship services, but they are also welcome to sit with their parents in Church for as long as they are interested.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION beginning at about age 4 is offered by Trinity Church in a year round program. The Trinity Christian Formation Program for our young members has been selected by the parents and is coordinated by The Rev. Karen Woodruff.  This program exposes them to Bible Stories, to praying for ourselves and others and to the worship services throughout the Church Year.  They routinely join the congregation in the Church for Holy Communion.

The young people who attend Trinity Church form their faith very early using “Godly Play”.  This is a curriculum that draws all ages into Bible stories so it is possible for each to make one’s own discoveries about Christian faith through play and open-ended questions.  It is a hands-on religious education program that stirs thought, imagination and excitement in the learner.

Godly Play

At Trinity all young people can have a role in the special worship services and events held throughout the Church year.  They participate in the Blessing of the Planting in the spring and the Blessing of the Harvest in the fall.  They bring their pets to the Blessing of the Animals.  The Christmas Pageant is their Christmas offering to the congregation as they and some of the adults bring the Christmas story alive. Our teenagers serve as Acolytes, child care helpers and Story Tellers for Godly Play.

The young people play a role in Trinity’s outreach into the community.  They help gather and contribute food to a local food bank.  Part of this experience is visiting the food bank on site.

children visit food bank

Sara Wells Pollard, Mears Pollard, Madison Giese and Justin Kingsbury
with Pastor Nancy Pinn at Holy Tabernacle Church Food Bank.
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Vacation Bible School is an eagerly awaited event in the summer.  Trinity Episcopal joins with Bethel/Emmanuel Methodist Church and Corrotoman Baptist each summer to offer a Vacation Bible School experience for all young people in the community.  Trinity hosted this week long experience in summer 2008 on the theme of “Caring for God’s Creation.”  Approximately sixty participants were enthralled by a visiting teaching staff:  beekeeper, forest ranger, wildlife caretaker, butterfly expert, recycling supporter and others.  Bethel/Emmanuel Methodist Church will be the site of Vacation Bible School 2009.  VBS 2009 will take place from June 28 through July 3.   Teenagers from the participating congregations have the opportunity to assist with VBS.

Vacation Bible School

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